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The Hands off IIMs Movement



  The Hands off IIMs Initiative 

             We are a community of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Faculty, Students and Alumnus who have banded together in helping to maintain the autonomy of these oases of excellence.

              The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court was filed by the members of our community.

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IIM-A Approaches Supreme Court ; IIMs B and C to Follow

IIM-A filed an affidavit against the MHRD fee cut order in the Supreme Court(SC) today   More...


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Online Petition Against Govt Interference

You can sign an online petition against the interference by the government in the IIMs, and for autonomy and excellence in the IIMs at:

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PIL Hearing : Supreme Court Wants Views of IIMs in Next Hearing 

In the last Hearing on 08 April the Supreme Court issued a notice to all the IIMs to appear in court. 

In the next hearing, on 16th April, the court will first hear the views of the IIMs followed by arguments on the locus of the Petitioners before proceeding further. More...

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IIM-C Faculty Revolt Against Fee Cut Decision

Protesting against IIM-C Chairman YC Deveshwar's decision to accept the govt imposed fee cut, in a unanimous resolution IIM-C faculty said,"Mr. Deveshwar has talked about moving forward in his resolution. The point to consider is whether this move forward is in the reverse direction".   More...


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West Bengal State Govt. Finds IIM-C Fee Cut Decision Unacceptable : Writes to MHRD 

In a strongly worded letter to MHRD, the West Bengal govt has also questioned the legality of the IIM-C fee cut decision, " we are under the impression that the the entire issue of revision of fee is under consideration in the Supreme Court, and if so, the matter would be 'sub-judice'. This would further imply that further deliberation on the issue is not appropriate...".    More...


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IIM Fee Cut :  US Professor files PIL

Vipin Gupta, a US based IIM-A gold medallist has filed a PIL challenging the legality of the fee cut. Gupta, a Wharton Ph.D., Shashi Bhushan Singh (IIM-B, 2003) and Kamal Sharma (IIM-A 1973) have asked for a stay on the implementation of the fee cut order. More...


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Affidavit filed for Inclusion of IIMs as Parties to the PIL

In the last hearing, the Supreme Court had agreed that the IIMs can also be included as parties to the PIL. More...


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PIL:  Another Affidavit Filed

Another affidavit giving the details of the 'locus' of the persons who had filed the PIL and the accounts of the IIMs was filed today, 02 April 2004. IIM-L, incidentally, has not responded to the letter asking for the accounts !    More...


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IIM-A Releases White Paper on 'Sustaining Academic Excellence'

The IIM-A position paper, as expected, highlights the negative impact of the fee cut but, also mentions accountability of the Institute. The paper shows that the fee is only 11% of the average starting salary of the graduates, far less when compared to the business schools in the US.  More...


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        Supreme Court order on the PIL hearing of 19 March 2004

The SC order in the  PIL hearing against the fee cut and interference in the functioning of the IIMs states    More...

        IIMB also turns combativeI

IIMB faculty also decide to express themselves. Assert that autonomy is essential for doing well and they do not support greater subsidy to students.

The faculty have also recommended to the Board of Governors that either the govt. can be asked to fund the capital expenses while IIMB meets the operational expenses. Or, the Board of IIMB takes charge of its finances including funding of capital expenditure". The faculty also declared that they," will be glad to help the Board raise finances".    More...    

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Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall :  Supreme Court Accepts PIL After Govt About-Face on IIM Autonomy

In today's PIL hearing against the fee cut and interference in the functioning of the IIMs, the MHRD  lawyers refused to give an undertaking that there will be no interference in the functioning of the IIMs. This led to the court accepting the PIL for hearing. The court has also directed that the IIMs can be included as parties to the PIL     More...

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PIL Hearing on 19 March

         The PIL hearing is scheduled for 19 March in the Supreme Court. It is matter number 23 in Court No. 1. Likely to be heard around 11.00 am. More...

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Enough is Enough :  IIM Calcutta Joins the Fray

         IIM Calcutta faculty also decide to voice their opinion.  A  resolution recently adopted by the IIMC faculty   More...

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The Return of The PIL

The application filed in the Supreme Court on 10 March 2004. More...

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 Supreme Court re-admits PIL           

 HRD Ministry Threatens to Dismiss Society Members of IIM-Ahmedabad, Including the Director

Download a Copy of the PIL filed by Mr. Sandeep Parekh

           Mr. Parekh, an advocate at P.H. Parekh & Co., holds an LL.M. in Securities and Financial Regulations. He is also licensed to practice in New York.

   Synopsis  (pdf, 143 KB)

   Writ Petition (pdf, 214 KB)

   Interim Relief Application (pdf, 86 KB)

   Annexures (pdf, 644 KB)

  Supreme Court Order at the Hearing of 27 Feb 2004 (pdf, 46 KB)


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